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Michael Schoettler is a professional motivational speaker who helps organisations of all sizes to use negotiation and sales skills to build profitable relationships.

Do you want to build a better bottom line and realise the full potential of your business? ‘Sales Sense’ is the ability to translate complex business issues into tangible results. That’s what we do. We focus your team on the issues that will produce the results you want: Genuine growth with increased profits.

This process is not rocket science. Mike Schoettler has had 25 years experience in sales (both as a salesman and a sales manager) with some of the world’s leading organisations both here in Australia and overseas.

Mike commenced his career with a MBA in International Management but he says he never learned faster than when his sales manager put him on straight commission. This taught him the power of focus and the importance of mastering the basic skills of sales and negotiation – what he now calls Sales Sense!

Today, he helps teams around the world to use the principles of successful sales, and negotiations to build Profitable Relationships. Whether you need a dynamic keynote speaker for your next conference or a leader for a workshop or seminar, Mike is your man. Makes sense – Sales Sense!

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